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Janitorial and Specialty Services
office: (404) 892-2626
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CM²™ = Corporate Management SQUARED leveraged for great productivity gains

Our proprietary CM ² technology allows your company to leverage and multiply the monitoring of your global facility locations in real time squarely in the most cost effective and streamlined manner. We can perform auditing service independent of a cleaning engagement.

The CM ² mpda takes laptop performance in a pocket size to new heights of power and usability for audit and compliance functions. Licensing this unique technical tool will soon be available to private and public companies.

This technology can also be used for other cleaning companies who need to conform their locations to one standard of cleaning excellence.

Without our technology, this daunting objective of conforming cleaning performance of multiple facility locations to one class standard may be very difficult to achieve. In CM², CSM has created a unique solution. Moreover, this new technology may be multi-purposed to solve other global corporate monitoring and reporting challenges.

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