AdTech Quality Response Codes

AQRC is a service that allows customers to use their smart phone to report problems, request services, and provide feedback. The system records all interactions automatically and notifies the appropriate staff member immediately.

Benefits of using AQRC

    AQRC is compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows 7 phones with a QR Code scanner.
  • PAIN RELIEF Eliminates dispatching employees to meet needs and your customers can record their needs and problems in three to five seconds.
  • PRESTIGE A convenient communication tool with faster responses puts you ahead of your competition in service.
  • PROFIT Customers with quickly solved problems become raving fans. Raving fans become repeat customers.
  • Customers report problems through their Smartphone eliminating emotion and your staff’s focus is on making your customers happy.
  • Solve your customers problems in real time to avoid them reporting bad service after they leave

How it works for your customers.
It Reports problems and needs in 5 seconds. Customers scan a QR code with their smart phone and are presented with a menu including reporting a problem, making a service request and providing feedback. They toggle the buttons on the screen related to their need and hit send. The request is automatically sent directly to the person responsible for that issue or need. Once a customer has scanned the QR code they can bring up the app at anytime to make additional requests.

How it works for your staff.
Reporting completed in 3 seconds. When a staff member reports for work they scan a QR Code related to their role and clock in. The staff member receives an instant text message to their iPod touch or smart phone with details concerning a customer’s request or problem. The staff solves the problem or provides the service, scans the same QR code and selects completed to close the request. Everything is automatically recorded and tracked by the system.

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